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Professional Web Designer and SEO Expert

Web Designer from Columbia, South Carolina, USC – B.S Computer Info Systems

Web Development with a Passion

A full scale web developer based out of San Antonio, Texas. Ahmed is a recent college graduate with a bachelors in Computer Information Systems with a minor in Business Information Management, and a strong passion for web design and development. Ahmed has extensive knowledge and background work/freelance client experience in developing websites, web applications, and optimizing search engine performance for online business owners and other web clients. He is capable of developing web applications and/or websites using a variety of different web platforms such as Shopify, WordPress, Wix, Squaresoft, PHP, C#, and even Java. Reach out below to establish your online success  today and bring your business into the world of the web with the help of an experienced, creative, and knowledgeable web developer!

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Web Design and Structure

Web design includes several key functions to consider, such as page speed, structure, and user-friendliness. When these functions come together, the create the ultimate user experience. Influential designs are created through constant innovation and experimentation. That’s why creativity and adaptive trends are the secret behind successful interfaces nowadays.

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Web Design Languages

The most important front-end web design languages used today are:

HTML– Web Content Layer: Involved with the structure of a web page

CSS– Web Presentation Layer: Describes how a Web Page is displayed to the end user

JavaScript– Interactive and Behavioral Web Design

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HTML: Structural Web Design

HTML is a web language used to build the basic structure of a website. HTML is a very important language when it comes to web design, because it composes a websites foundational structure. The web browser reads a website’s content based on the HTML markup that it perceives inside of a file. Therefore, by implementing better HTML  markup practice, this could enable the browser to read your websites content with ease.  Which in return, would cause the search engine to prefer your content in its search results, versus having a website with bad HTML structure, which covers the same subject matter.

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CSS: Web Styling and Presentation

CSS is the styling language for the web. CSS styling covers the presentation layer of web design. The presentation layer of a website is the design layer which is concerned with how a website is displayed to users. These are web design elements such as color, font, border, background, animations, and more.

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JavaScript: Behavioral Web Design

JavaScript is a powerful programming language for creating interactive web interfaces.